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Eurosun high-performance system with very efficient solar energy production helps to maximise the Government rebate incentive, which provides you with higher savings. This system is designed to provide economical service in medium to high solar gain areas and is suitable for a family size of 4 to 6.

Key Features

  • Longer Tank life. The enamel coating is made from titanium blue enamel powder that meets the Australian Watermark certification requirements.
  • The open circuit system is equipped with a Thermosiphon Arrestor Valve (TRV) to avoid exceedingly high temperatures during periods of high solar radiation, which guarantees over heating temperature protection since it restricts the hot water flow to the tank when it has reached a sufficiently high temperature.
  • Strong Anode Rod protects the water heater tank against the corrosion.
  • High performance Solar Collector. The sputtered selective surface maximises the absorption of solar energy. The solar collector is all aluminium outer casing, giving excellent corrosion resistance and proven long life.
  • All valves fitted during installation are Australian made or designed.
  • The system comes with an electric booster to assist in times when there are prolonged periods without sunlight.
  • Optional components at additional price:
    - Cyclone resistant mounting frame – recommended at areas prompt to cyclones and very strong wind conditions.
    - Gas booster – based on customer preference.
  • Low maintenance operation.
  • Eligible for Government rebates.

How it works

Eurosun solar rooftop open circuit* system has highly efficient solar collectors fitted to the roof to absorb the solar energy during the day to heat water. It works on the simple scientific fact that hot water rises. The heated water is passed through and stored in an insulated tank, which is also mounted to the roof.

On overcast days, an in-tank heating element (booster**) will activate itself and heat stored water when temperatures drop below a set point.

*Open circuit systems are better used in locations where the ambient temperature never falls below freezing point (0 to 32 °F).

**Two types of boosters are available: electric or gas. They act as a backup for those days when the sun is not shining or if usual demand is exceeded. This ensures your home always has a continuous flow of hot water to be used.

Technical Specifications

Solar Tank Specification

Storage Capacity
300 Litres
Boost Capacity(Electric)
150 Litres
Weight Empty
100 kg
Weight Full
400 kg
Working Pressure

Solar Collector Specification

Collector Dimension
2000 x 1000 x 76mm
Gross Area
Net Aperture
Header Tube Diameter(mm)
Riser Tube Diameter(mm)
11 x φ8
Dry Weight
45 kg
Fluid Capacity
1.60 Litre
Max. Working Pressure
Absorber Coating
Blue Unite Sputtered Selective Surface
Absorber/Riser Material
Frame Material
Double Aluminium Alloy
Insulation Material
38 mm glass wool blanket
3.2 mm tempered low iron
Performance Rating

Electric Boost specification


Solar Collector options

2 Panels
Performance Options
High performance

Warranty & Certifications

Eurosun saves your time: All warranties activated online for you. All products come with the manufacturer warranty, which covers manufacturer parts and components repairs subject to terms of the warranty. The product manual with warranty is handed to our customers once the installation is completed.

Product Warranty
Total of 5 years: Tank + Collector.
Service Warranty
Total of 1 year: Service Items + Labour.
Tank Collector - 5 Year Warranty (graphic/badge)Items and Labour - 1 year warranty badge/graphicWatermark logo, backed standardCertified Product, licensed logo

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