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Eurosun Split High Performance 315L

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Introducing the Eurosun split high-performance 315L system, designed to maximize solar energy production and Government rebate incentives. This system offers the flexibility of a grounded-mounted installation, eliminating the need to place the tank on the roof. You have the option to select either a gas or electrical booster. It delivers cost-effective performance in medium to high solar gain areas, making it ideal for families of 4 to 6.

Key Features

How it works

Technical Specifications

System Power
Number of PV Panels
Electric Boost
Gas Boost
Rated Delivery
Overall Height
Boost Capacity
Inlet Height
PTR (Hot Relief)
Outlet Height
ECV (Cold Relief)
Storage Capacity
Max Supply Temp

Warranty & Certifications

Tank Warranty
Control Warranty
6 year water tank warranty badge3 year control warranty badgeWatermark logo, backed standard


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